3 ways to get grounded when you are overwhelmed or feeling disconnected

This entire year has been a rollercoaster as I felt up and down depending on the week (or day) as I navigated a lot of changes. I was dealing with my own emotional issues alongside changing my situation with finding a day job. I noticed a couple of months ago that I was feeling swept up in my stress and constantly future tripping rather than letting go and staying in the present moment.

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed by too many plates spinning or changes happening all at once in your life? Do you ever feel disconnected – either from other people or from yourself?

I have found three key practices / approaches that I return to regularly for a tune up to ground me in the present moment and my physical self and space.

3 easy ways to get grounded


3 easy ways to get grounded


A daily gratitude practice is one of the best ways I know to bring myself into the present moment. By pausing each day to note something (or several) that I am grateful for I bring my awareness to all that I have, the beauty around me and what is going on in the here and now.

I try to practice gratitude through the whole year, but have definitely become slack over the years since I stopped blogging my gratitude. Each November I do love returning to a daily public practice and I am currently sharing each day on instagram. Over the course of a month it is amazing to notice how it returns me to a default setting of looking out for the positive and for being consciously present in each day.

physical movement and connection with your body

When we get overwhelmed or feel disconnected it is always helpful to get grounded physically in our bodies and to the earth.

I find walking barefoot on sand or grass to be a huge help as every step increases the anchoring effect. Even five minutes of time spent walking barefoot outdoors can help.

Other ways to get grounded via your body are to do a bit of yoga (again even 5 minutes of sun salutations or a few poses); rub some moisturizer into your body, hands or feet; go for a run and pay attention as you move; dance to some great music; or spend time in water whether it is a bath, shower or a swim.

connecting via your senses

Often when we lose our grounding we can be all in our head, thinking and getting away from the present moment.  Mindfulness in the moment as you pay attention to your five senses can ground you again. Focus on your breath. Be aware of what you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Stay with those feelings for a few moments.

What do you do when you feel yourself getting caught up in the swirls of life pulling you away from the present?

Love and light

Deb xx

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