40 after 40 – updated bucket list

Recently my 12 year old took it upon herself to start creating her own bucket list. She was surprised to hear that I have one of my own. I realised I had not read or updated it in a while so started updating the original 40 after 40 blog post from almost five years ago.

After reading my list and reflecting for a bit I decided to update it with some new ideas – some of the old ones no longer interested me or needed a variation, plus I had left some blank spaces and felt at 45 I was ready to fill in those slots.



40 after 40 version 2.0

  1. Take glass blowing classes
  2. Travel through Russia
  3. Visit Morocco  (done) Easter 2016 side trip from our big trip to Spain, lived up to expectations!
  4. Brush up on my Italian, French and Spanish (so much lost already from those years of study), preferably on future trips to the In-laws and friends, possibly from a period of living in Europe – in progress (definitely used a lot of Spanish on this second trip over Easter 2016)
  5. Fill an entire art journal – no expectations, freedom and possibility –(done) currently have a stack of filled journals and many others in progress.
  6. Go on a  bike ride with hubby and the kids -have not been on a bike in 10 years  (done)  bike bought February 2014 for my 42nd birthday.
  7. Sew a skirt, curtains for my office and comfortably craft at last (calling it done) my current project of wall hangings has finally got me comfortable with my machine.
  8. Finally figure out my “apple” products –I refuse to be technology challenged forever – (amended 2017) – making this goal to learn and get proficient with Photoshop and InDesign
  9. Get eye laser treatment and be free of glasses and contacts
  10. Post- eye treatment finally try water sports with my husband
  11. Show the girls where my husband and I met (Israel)
  12. Write a book on Post Natal Depression (and get it published) (amended 2017) – in progress, big scary goal
  13. Decide what I want to be when I grow up – and do it! (done-ish) launched Inner Compass Designs in 2014, still evolving
  14. Volunteer in Africa, and travel overland throughout in old Land Cruiser
  15. Cruise around Alaska
  16. Make my own sushi  (done) Sept 2012
  17. Perfect making Asian dumplings (done) – have made them several times now, not quite sure why I aimed for “perfecting” this, but have not made them in ages so will revisit
  18. Travel through the Rajasthani region of India
  19. Sing Karaoke and not die of embarrassment – I am 100% tone deaf  (done) Nov 2012 and again February 2013.
  20. Drive around Australia with the family (6 months out of school)
  21. Run 10km – in a race or on my own (done) first on my own and then ran the Bridge to Brisbane 10km in 2014
  22. Adopt a dog (or 2) from a shelter – (done) January 2013 Evie, 3 legged staffy x irish wolfhound and then adopted a Border Collie named Jessie in October 2013 
  23. Live in a house with a wrap- around porch + porch swing
  24. Indulge in a helicopter tour of somewhere fabulous – over NYC, a volcano, the Great Barrier Reef or somewhere I have yet to discover
  25. Set foot on all 7 continents (2 to go)
  26. Visit 9/11 memorial site with my Uncle (done) November 2012 (not with my Uncle unfortunately)
  27. Try geocaching with the kids
  28. Go on a holiday alone with my husband just like when we were young (done) when the kids went to Japan on a school trip in 2015 we went to Cairns and Port Douglas alone!
  29. Witness the turtle nesting and hatching that happen here in Queensland
  30. Complete 5 full embroidery projects to display at home or give as gifts (done) – almost 5 years later I can say I have completed many embroidery projects I have designed. Still need to work on sending them to the people I made them for (inner critic issues)
  31. Find a hairstyle I can actually maintain AND love –(done) 2015 chopped my hair off into a cropped do and it is the first time in my adult life I have loved my hair!
  32. Buy a hammock and spend countless hours swaying with my hubby and kids or in solo contemplation (done) family bought me a hammock for Mother’s Day 2013
  33. Take my kids to see snow for the first time while they are still young enough to be mesmerized and have fun until they are soaking wet (done) December 2012 – on our trip to the States it actually snowed during dinner on Christmas Eve and my kids ran outside in bare feet they were so excited to build the world’s smallest snowman (and make snow angels on a cm of snow)
  34. Try hypnosis deleting and replacing with “sell my art – prints and originals”
  35. Learn to speak less and listen more
  36. Travel around Tasmania (done) Easter 2014 holiday! and still dreaming of going back.
  37. Buy a property and have a B n B / retreat space / local makers and artist gallery
  38. Travel extensively in Italy
  39. Hot air balloon ride somewhere beautiful
  40. Do a colour run

I was kind of amazed that I had been ticking off things from my list without actually referring to what I had written down. Of what remains I think some are very long term dreams for after the kids leave home and some will need me to push myself a little in the near future.


What is on your bucket list? What is a dream / goal that you checked off and enjoyed?

love and light

deb xx

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