60 Resources on self care, self love and self acceptance – nourishing media

This post is part of the ongoing series “how to love and accept yourself as you are” – you can find all the posts here and catch up any time.

Every day we are each consuming endless pieces of information, stories, views, and lessons put out into the world by other people. They vary from junk to nourishment just as the food we consumes varies in the same way. It is up to us to make the choices that will help us grow and thrive.

Below are resources from my personal experience in the online world and print media. Books that sit on my shelf or kindle or my library card. Podcasts that fill my ears as I walk my dogs or drive my car. Magazines that are nourishing and soothing, lowering my stress levels rather than lowering my self esteem.

I invite you to look at these lists and see what jumps out at you. Follow your curiosity, borrw some books, download one of my favourite podcast episodes and see the impact it has on your day when you opt for soul filling, life enriching media.

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18 Books on self awareness, self love, self care, and self acceptance / understanding

(links to Good Reads and non-affiliate)

The gifts of imperfection – Brene Brown* – (10 guideposts for wholehearted living, embrace who you are)

I thought it was just me – Brene Brown (authenticity, self-compassion and connection; our imperfections are what connect us all)

Wild – Cheryl Strayed (memoir – 3 months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail after the death of her mother, cheating on her husband and drug addiction – I include this as an example of strength and courage to face your demons, stand in your own power and do things following intuition even when illogical)

When I loved myself enoughKim McMillen (and after her death, her daughter Allison) 

Women who run with the wolves -Clarissa Pinkola Estes (a heavy tome have had it for years and dip in and out. it is a classic and among many things it is about coming home to yourself, trusting yourself and standing in your power)

Radical self acceptance – Tara Brach (also seek out podcasts and interviews with Tara!)

Finding the deep river within – Abby Seixas (the first self care book I found many years ago)

Infinite Purpose – Liv Lane and Lori Portka – I participated in the ecourse that led to the book – a beautiful book to inspire you as you connect with yourself and your purpose in life.

Light is the new black – Rebecca Campbell – authenticity and shining your light, just as you are

Rise sister rise – Rebecca Campbell – in my to-be-read pile, but loved LITNB so much I am confident to include this as well.

Gift from the sea – Anne Morrow Lindbergh  – written in 1955, a classic and one of my favourite books.

Be happy without being perfect – Alice Domar (letting go of perfectionism)

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert (inspiring on all levels – podcast also featured below)

Self Compassion – Kristen Neff (personally too dry for my liking, but an amazing resource)

A field Guide to now – Christina Rosalie (living in the present and seeing the beauty in small moments and things)

Present over Perfect – Shauna Niequist (a recent read – amazing and not to be overlooked on the basis of it being a “Christian book”)

Quiet – Susan Cain (introversion)

The Highly Sensitive Person – Elaine Aron (sensitivity)

*I could have added all of Brene Brown’s books to the list and do highly recommend them all

7 Podcasts to support you

Magic lessons – Elizabeth Gilbert-  while based on creativity, I find every episode includes lessons and insights that apply to my personal life and general development. Highly recommend every episode of both series.

Jump start your joy – Paula Jenkins – “The show focuses on the many ways that people follow their dreams, and look for joy in their everyday lives.”

Episode highlight: Episode 55 Courage of Imperfection

Good Life Project – Jonathan Fields – “conversations about finding meaning, happiness, purpose, inspiration, creativity, motivation, spirituality, love, confidence and success in life”

Episode highlights: You don’t have to go big to make a big difference and On teachers, triggers, presence and grace (and many other episodes – a must listen to podcast)

The Courage Makers  – Meg Kissack – “honest conversations about everyday courage, living a wholehearted life and dream chasing.”

Episode highlight – Episode 20 – Self love junkie with Jennifer Seale

Creative Mornings – features recordings of some of the thousands of Friday morning breakfast lectures that have happened around the world as part of this global initiative. World running trough the arhives.

Episode highlight – Episode 18 – Katie Ford – “It is only when you can name your prison that you can do the terrifying, but life affirming and necessary work of setting yourself free.”

Mindful Mama Movement – Shannon Kinney-Duh and Ashley Walburn – empowering mothers, encouraging authentic living and celebrating living an inspired life. New and noteworthy podcast and Facebook community.

Episode highlight – Episode 5 – Tell your story, embrace imperfection & Let go of guilt with Michelle Hunter. Have a pen handy – rich with knowledge nuggets.

Here to thrive – Tips for a Happier Life – Kate Snowise, a New Zealander living in the States. Hat tip to Deb Alexander who shared this podcast when answering the day 7 prompt (‘listen”) for the 30 day challenge-I immediately downloaded 5 episodes.

Episode highlight –Understanding authenticity – defining it, benefits, what gets in the way


19 Websites, Blogs and posts

Jennifer Louden – how to stop doubting yourself

Andrea Sher – Superhero Life- one of my all time favourite bloggers (from before i ever blogged) who thankfully still shares her light with us

Andrea Schroeder – Creative Dream Incubator – all about the magic of cultivating your inner gifts!

A Wondering Life – Owning the body I have

Martha Beck – sociologist and life coach and Oprah columnist, delivers deep posts with lots of meat on them.

Self Compassion – Dr Kristin Neff’s website full of information and resources

Rachel W Cole – what are you truly hungry for? – Letting go of what “they” think

Journal Wild – Jen Morris – Jen is all about journaling and creative living to unleash the wild within, and is just generally an awesome person to connect with on Instagram.

Hiya Tootsie – 3 self limiting things you say everyday that have to stop and many other great posts and interviews

Momastery – Glennon Doyle Melton – also follow on Facebook for lots of real life talk and inspiration

Kind over Matter – “Life gets better when you are kind to yourself”

The Phoenix Soul – Amanda Fall – digital magazine and so much more

Vivienne McMaster – Be your own beloved is self love through self portraiture.

Kate Swboda – Your Courageous Life

Inner Hue – Lauren shares wonderful writing (and amazing extra resources / ebooks) about “living with soul”

With Grace and Eve – Elisa has been writing less this year (new baby) but every post is food for the soul and a moment of exhalation

Christie Inge – self love coach – 8 practical ways accepting yourself will make your life better

The Blissful Mind – 30 goal ideas to nourish your life

Tiny Buddha – 4 ways to embrace imperfections

9 Instagram accounts that will feed your soul

Iamheartcentered – mother and daughter Susie and Ana from New Zealand

selflove_and_miracles – Saskia Norbruis from Holland

selflovewoman – Deanne Matthews

wearesoulsparks – Kristin Lohr

yung_pueblo – amazing writer and poet – definite food for the soul

thebachbook – Jordan Bach

antoniettegomez – chakras and soul messages

stargardener – Teresa Robinson – a light on the internet

natashavanzanetti – discovery coach, and great energy

7 Magazines that lift you up instead of cutting you down


Just Breathe


Best Self


Conscious Magazine

Renegade Collective

Now tell me – what are your favourites that are not on the lists? Share in the comments as much as you can so others can check them out too. That podcast you never miss that fuels your spirit? The blog that shows you over and over again that you are not alone in your imperfection? The book you have read more than once and recommend to everyone or give as a gift?

Love and light,

Deb xx

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