7 amazing podcasts for creatives

I have tried many podcasts over the last few years. Some I fall in love with and cannot wait for their next episode and others I enjoy for a season and then move on from for whatever reason (I can be quite picky).

Having explored the “related” tab a lot recently I have added many new podcasts to my feed. Here are seven that are perfect for you if you are a creative and / or someone seeking to live a wholehearted life.

I listen on my podcast app / itunes but have included links to the podcast/blogger’s websites to get you started.

podcasts for creatives

The Creative Life – James Taylor

When I stumbled on this podcast it was love at first listen and I binged on episodes from the archives. James is a creativity coach and “shows us how we can all learn to be more creative.” The guests range from visual artists to musicians to writers to agents to public speakers…

It is actually a TV show / video, but I listen to it on my podcast app.

Creative Living with Jamie – Jamie Ridler

Jamie has an infectious spirit. I love her blog, her videos she posts several times a week, and never miss an episode of her podcast. Anxiously awaiting the new season to start. Jamie has great messages and strategies for coping with many of the challenges creatives deal with (from overwhelm to feeling stuck to gremlins that get in our mind) and draws out wonderful gems from her guests. Be inspired, get moving into action, feel freer after listening to her podcast.

The Conscious Booksmith – Christine Mason Miller

I picked out Christine’s book Ordinary Sparkling Moments as one of my birthday presents in February. Then I fell into all of her work including this podcast where she speaks with artists, authors, and others with a story to tell and a connection to be made.  Find her here.

Squam – Elizabeth Duvivier

If I was not on the other side of the world I would be at Squam every year to gather with like-minded creatives and learn and grow together. The podcast’s intention is to bring those retreat-typical conversations to the rest of us. “Squam is all about nurturing creativity as a way of life. So, in a perfect world, these conversations will strengthen and celebrate your resolve to continue to define your unique way of being in the world.” Find it here 

The Couragemakers – Meg Kissack

One of my overall favourite podcasts! I love that Meg speaks with “regular” people alongside those who may be better known. These are conversations in the truest sense (rather than feeling like a straight interview). Meg listens, lets guests take the show where they need to and trusts that the inspiration will come out through the stories. These are chats about “everyday courage, living a wholehearted life and dream chasing.” Go listen to the archives and check out her blog while you are at it.

The Girl Gang Conversations – Sarah Starrs

One of my newest finds and I am loving these honest and fluid chats about passion and purpose. Not just FOR creatives, but so many of the guests are interesting creatives with stories and lessons to share across many areas. “It’s about self-acceptance and talking about the things that matter to us.” Find it here.

Magic Lessons – Elizabeth Gilbert

Just in case you have missed this one or are not a big podcast listener (give it a try) – this is the BEST podcast for creatives bar none. The only problem is we are left wondering if there will ever be a season 3. The first two seasons are incredible – the model for the show is Elizabeth Gilbert working with creatives who are struggling with some aspect of their career/ creativity. In the first part she talks with the individual and gives them homework assignments and speaks with an expert in their field who offers extra advice. In the second part she checks in on them and sees what has developed. Every episode has insights you will grow from – no matter what genre the guest works in. Find the archives here.

What podcasts do you love that are in support of living a creative life or chasing your dreams? Do you already listen to / love any on my list?

Love and light

Deb xx

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