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Hello and welcome.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, as always, welcome. And if you are new here, I’m so glad you have taken the time to drop by.

If this was a regular bricks and mortar shop, this is when I’d ask you if you would like a hot or cold beverage. Soy cappuccino or chilled glass of sauv blanc anyone?

Ah, lovely!

So, Hi, I’m Deb. A New York City girl who married an English man and settled (by way of Asia first) in Australia. Sixteen years and 14 house moves later, we are navigating life with two tween daughters, and two female rescue dogs. And finally, I am living the creative life I always dreamed.

For twenty years, the most creative thing I did was plan my kids’ birthday parties, and then around my 40th birthday I accepted that I wanted to live a creative life. I’d been spending my free-time longingly watching artist tutorials on you tube, totally mesmerized.

With a little nudging from my girls constantly asking me ‘What do you want to be when you grow up mom?’ I decided to move past my fears of wasting time, money and supplies and began creating little bit by little.

I’d forgotten I was an artist growing up, having buried that part of myself once I was directed towards other academic paths late in high school and beyond. Before long, though, I’d cracked wide open and had a creative re-awakening.

And once you crack open that creative nut; it’s hard to go backwards.

november 2015 headshot

Now at 45 my life has had a complete 180-degree turnaround.

I have an insane amount of creative hobbies, often fuelled by coffee, good music on Spotify and carbohydrates!

I studied silversmithing at the Brisbane Institute of Art so that I could personally take my designs from drawings to handmade products.

And now, when my kids ask me what I want to be, I answer honestly.

I am passionate about helping women give themselves permission to follow their heart and intuition, know their own power and self-worth, and know that they are never alone.

My mission in life is to spread the messages of self-compassion; wholehearted living and that we are all connected. Eventually, I want to work to reach girls with these messages, so it becomes the norm for them to truly believe they are enough; they are worthy, and they should trust their heart.

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I have been writing on my blog for six years all about following your path in life, taking care of your own needs and living an authentic life, and now I am extending this into my jewelry designs and other products.

The pieces I design and create help tell a story. When you wear them, they will help you feel strong and confident, enjoy your unique life adventure, and love yourself just as you are.

Your Inner Compass Designs handmade pieces tell YOUR story and YOUR journey.

Jewelry is the first product born from my writing, but there are many others in the works.

What you see here is just the beginning.


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