Are you holding yourself back?

April 8, 2013

I began my first art journal as I was starting the Inside Out ecourse with Shannon from A Free Spirit Life. This class had everything – art, yoga, journaling and more including my first taste of a creative community.

My first page:


















May 31, 2013

My first page that I actually liked.
















February and March 2016

I now make art and journal pages that I adore (most of the time). I create art every single day. I hand letter, draw, paint with watercolour and acrylics, collage, and mixed media.































May 2016

My stack of art journals and sketch books is growing rapidly.

completed journals:


almost finished:
















All together, every day reminding me how far I have come. When I began on that day in 2013 it felt awkward and ugly and uncomfortable. Now most days feel exciting and full of ease, even when I make something I do not love.



I wanted to share this journey as hindsight is a wonderful teacher.  If you are at the very beginning of something, or afraid to even start, don’t hold yourself back. The difficult aspect of being at the beginning is we are too close to what we are attempting. We sit there overanalysing, sweating the details, judging ourselves harshly.

If you were to be able to pull the lens back to a wide view that sees how things will play out you would see that first steps are such a small part of the journey. If you get past the first hurdles you will pick up speed and begin to find your way.

I have a friend who has just started piano lessons this year.

Another friend works full time, but has just returned to University for advanced studies in painting.

One of my oldest friends sits down every day for 2-3 hours to work on her book, chasing her dream slowly, but daily.

Countless other women (and men) are virtually standing by your side, reaching for something they want.

What do you want?

Love and light,

deb xx

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