Bringing my guiding word into my life with visual triggers

This is my eighth year using a guiding word. One thing I know for sure (for me) is that the more visible I make my “one little word” the greater it impacts my life over the course of the year.

I would say last year was the year my one word was least visible and I can see the impact that had. It has made me really focus on how I can engage with my word through the year and not let it slip away from me when times are tricky. This year is all about “integrity”.

One thing I always do is my vision board. In 2015 I made it on canvas as a collage. As 2016 approached I decided to build it up and edit it each year instead of starting over for January. I am loving this as some years leave unfinished business so I don’t cover up certain elements. Other things stay for years as core desires or symbols in my life. It is interesting to see that “trust” which was my 2015 word stayed for three years while I journeyed with that difficult lesson that I am still learning.

This year I actually covered up most of the canvas for the first time. Only three key items/areas remained as is. (The woman above “no more excuses”, the Buddha statue in the bottom left and the whole “pause” section with the word, butterfly and yoga woman).

one word vision board evolution over three years

The whole energy of the canvas has shifted. I felt such a pull towards yellows and greens especially (and looked up the meaning/symbolism of those colours and understood why). There are larger, but fewer images. I love looking at it- it still hangs beside my bed so I see it daily.

vision canvas one word
I also have at least one ring /piece of jewelry that I make for myself. The main reason I launched ICD was to take what I had been writing and turn the messages I needed to hear into visuals and items I could use/wear/take in practically. Soul wisdom bands are my number one seller in my store. This year I did not go literal and put “integrity ” on my ring. I chose to use “show up” and it is already having an impact. The core of integrity for me is letting go of pressure and expectations about outcomes or success. I want to show up when things are scary, just play, let myself be a beginner, and go after something that may never eventuate as I imagine.

soul wisdom one word jewlery reminder

Every time I look at my hand I connect with this key idea. Unlike previous years I am committed to wearing it at all times apart from shower or swimming.

The third thing I did for this year was new- I created a mandala piece of art for myself and it hangs right next to my dresser so it is again highly visible. Every time I pass my dresser or put clothes away etc it catches my eye and I am reminded of the key concepts that matter- my values and Brene Brown’s definition of integrity.

one word mandala art

Finally I created something new over several months- a mixed media book. I will write a whole post about it because it will take a bunch of photos and digging into concepts from ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) which I did some last year. For now I will say it is a work in progress like me and a living document. It is a place for reminders, getting real and not letting myself off the hook. After two years of therapy I realised I was not doing the homework I was being given when we switched to ACT and realised I needed to make it my own.  All I can say is when I brought it in to show my therapist she was blown away (major gold stars for me!)

reminder book

As a visual person this is important for me. Out of sight out of mind definitely applies to my life. I write to do lists over and over, have the household chore chart on the fridge, use inspirational art around my house to uplift me and more.

Do you use any visual tools to help you live with intention or connect with what matters most to you?

Love and light

Deb xx

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