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Currently - Inner Compass Designs



I can be quite ruthless with books. Usually I give them no more than 60-80 pages before abandoning a book that is not grabbing me.  I bought Lone Star by Paullina Simons as soon as it was released in 2015 since she has written some of my favourite books.  It sat on my bookcase for ages and I tried to read it several times over the last year, but other books kept pulling me away (a sure sign I am not loving a book). I am glad I did not give up though as this time I got past the way too slow start and am now thoroughly loving the story.  When a book is 627 pages long it is sometimes due to too much time spent setting up the story. Does that ever happen to you- but you stick with it and are surprised the rest is awesome??

Currently- inner compass designs



I went back in time and re-watched Dawson’s Creek. Streaming services really allow for nostalgia! So many shows that I never got to see the end of…and this one had me crying during the final episode


Lemon muffins in bulk so I have a healthy treat on hand.  They are dairy, gluten and sugar free and full of lemon zest and juice! Also roasting loads of veggies while it is still cool enough in Queensland for the oven (and cauliflower is finally cheap!)

Listening to:

mostly the kids’ Spotify playlists which means a lot of Sam Mendes, Imagine Dragons, Sia and loads of stuff I have no details on. If I did not let them play their own music I would never hear anything new (I am such an old fart and listen to the same stuff for years)  Addicted to listening to Human by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man especially!

On the podcast front I am loving Andrea Sher’s The Creative Superheroes Podcast. Must listen: episode 4- The Drama Triangle and the gifts of anger.


Started a new 365 day creativity challenge for myself. Anything goes! Actually started a new canvas and got my hands dirty.

Currently- inner compass designs



Many warm days amidst the Winter chill  it felt like Summer for a few days. I can only imagine how actual Summer will be if we already have days of 31-32C in the middle of Winter!


Weekend escape with hubby while his parents are visiting from France next month.  First we are taking them away to the beach for a week with the kids. Then hubby and I have booked 2 nights in a cottage in the hinterland of Bangalow so will enjoy both the beaches around Byron Bay and the hiking/ nature of the hinterland.


Where I am meant to be heading at 45 years old. What I should be doing creatively. How to navigate the kids through the rest of high school and beyond (feels emotionally harder and more stressful than when they were little). Too much pondering really- struggling still to get out of my head.

What are you up to currently? Anything awesome to recommend?

Love and light,

deb xx

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