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So far this month I have been:


The Betrayl by Kate Furnivall – I love historical fiction, especially set around WW2. I liked the storyline and the characters were well developed. It had a layer of mystery and danger, family drama, plus a love story all woven together.

The Light of the World by Elizabeth Alexander – a memoir that came out of her grief and dealing with the period after her husband died suddenly. I enjoyed it but preferred The Bright Hour which I read last year.

and The Zookeeper’s War by Steven Conte – written by an Australian, I bought this late last year and then my husband bought me The Zookeeper’s Wife for Christmas. I plan to read them back to back, having loved the film version of The Zookeeper’s Wife and the fact that the other story (fictional) takes place in the Berlin Zoo also during the war. Currently in progress.

This year I am going to write up a blog post every other month with mini-reviews of the best of the books I am reading. Stay tuned…


Grace and Frankie season 4 (blasted through it in 2 sessions – love!), The Good Place, Riverdale with my girls, and a bunch of remakes and returns with Will and Grace, Fuller House and One Day at a Time. So grateful that streaming services finally hit Australia hard.


still lots of salads and bbq here thanks to the heat and my efforts to lose weight, but also enjoying anything my husband cooks (a Greek feast, roast pork, curries and more) and the things my almost 13 year old is making at her Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food classes (I am there to supervise her, but am learning too and I get to eat everything!)

listening to

Soul sessions with Oprah and episodes of The Jealous Curator from my podcast list. Lots of 80s music with videos playing as this is often compromise music between the teens and hubby. The videos for Come on Eileen and YMCA seem be to be big hits! Feeling old, but glad that 80s hits will always be hits!


off to a super slow start this year thanks to school holidays. The kids have just gone back to school for the new year and I am keen to clear time each week so I can finally finish off the rest of the soulful wall hangings and create some new jewelry pieces instead of just drawing them in my design book.

one mandala got me sitting with my pens at least as I reminded myself yet again to embrace uncertainty and the messy stage of things.

surrender to the messy in between


movie dates with my girls this Summer. We saw (and loved) Wonder (twice), The Last Jedi, Jumanji (surprise of the summer!), The Greatest Showman (incredible!) and Pitch Perfect 3 (not my favourite of the series). Sometimes with a meal out together, always with treats and discussion or singing afterwards. I do love having older kids!


Most of January was about planning – I have been planning my goals, ideas for blog posts and newsletter topics, ebooks to write, designs to create, renovations for our house this year (finally after 2 1/2 years of discussions we met with a designer), workout choices and running playlists and routes.


always too much pondering – trying to get out of my head more and let go of all the urges to control and plan every little thing. Trying to stay bigger picture planning and trusting more. One fun thing I am thinking about is travel plans for the year. My mother and sister are visiting for a month this Winter and we will go away for at least a week together – trying to think of what would suit us all (Mom is afraid of heights and sister gets seasick and car sick so no daredevil stuff!)

What were some of your highlights from January? What are you looking forward to in February?

Love and light,

deb xx

*this post contains affiliate links for books. Someday I will see a movie with the money it brings in. I only share books I have read and loved/ learned from.

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