So much of where I am at right now has to do with craving simplicity –  letting go of some things, finally taking action in other areas, gaining clarity. From time to time I wrote a “taking stock” post to look back on the month, but I am wanting something simpler (far fewer prompts)  right now that ties in to this theme for myself. So I am starting “currently” posts where I can share some of what I am doing, loving and thinking about right now.

Eight prompts that cover much of what I want to share or remember:

Currently - Inner Compass Designs

Reading: Part of my shifting has included moving away from the heavy load of non-fiction I was reading and diving back into fiction. I re-read my favourite trilogy (The Bronze Horseman…) for maybe the fifth time. Then I followed a friend’s recommendation and read The Paris Architect – loved it.


Watching: After a slow start I finally fell in love with the latest season of Orange is the new black. I also binge watched The Handmaid’s Tale in one day (late into the night) – so good and a definite one to watch. SBS here in Australia seems to be giving Netflix a run for its money since they have Handmaid, Orphan Black and the spin off from The Good Wife (The Good Fight).

Cooking: Winter is here so I am loving making soup, curries and roast dinners again. Warms the house and warms me up.

Listening to: my self acceptance playlist on spotify and many podcast episodes. New podcasts (just exploring for now) on my feed include: That’s What She Said, Brilliant Misfits, Pivot podcast with jenny Blake, and Bare Naked Bravery.

Creating: Watercolour flowers again thanks to Creativebug and the daily floral challenge this month. Not loving the style of the lessons (I prefer to see the inspiration piece / reference and this is a lot of watching someone else paint from a reference off camera), but as I was in a creative lull this is greasing the wheels which is a good thing.

Creative Bug watercolour florals - Inner Compass Designs

Creative Bug watercolour florals - Inner Compass Designs

Loving: School holidays with my girls. Since the in laws will be here next break we stayed at home the whole two weeks. Sleep ins, cinema visits, sleepovers, oldest turned 14, lots of board games and endless food shopping for above sleepovers and friend visits. When they were younger I dreaded the holidays because I missed my alone time. Now they are older we have a fabulous balance between alone time, family time and friends time.



Planning: a getaway in September with the in laws (a week near a beach somewhere) and alone with hubby (hoping for 2 nights at least since his parents offered to watch the kids). Plus an intensive job search – looking for something in a retail or office setting part time – I need to switch gears.

Pondering: so much – life, work, health, future… hence my dive into fiction and watching tv/movies. I need to shut off that overthinking part of myself and enjoy day to day life more.


What are you currently doing or loving right now?

Love and light

deb xx

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