Everything is figureoutable

Last weekend my daughter was having trouble with a project and was in tears. She had been watching a you tube tutorial over and over with no luck and was about to give up. I came along and joined in the frustration as it was not easy for me either. I found myself reassuring her saying “everything is figureoutable” and then trying to remember where I had heard that saying.

Marie Forleo Everything is figureoutable















I tracked it down to Marie Forleo and have been reminding myself  of it regularly since.

When we are facing something new and struggling with beginner’s mind, or feeling vulnerable as we step out of our comfort zone. we can feel so much pressure to get things right, to know everything now, to be “good enough”.

Instead we need to remind ourselves to take it one bite or step at a time and trust in ourselves that as things arise we can figure it out and learn.

There is almost nothing that cannot be figured out either on our own or with help from others. Instead of freaking out at all we do not yet know we can remind ourselves of this truth.



seek what you need to know

figure it out at your own pace, but you will figure it out.


love and light

deb xx

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