Inner Compass Manifesto

Welcome to Inner Compass Designs.

You can find out more about me and ICD over here. Apart from designing and creating inspirational jewelry and accessories I am a writer. I will always be a writer and the blog here at ICD will stay strong for years to come.

You can expect at least  weekly blog posts, but there is also my newsletter “Finding True North” which goes out at least once a month. It is where I share the lessons I am learning on this journey of intentional living, offer giveaways of my creations, inspiring resources I find, my latest blog posts and special offers on my jewelry and other products.

I have always dreamed of taking all the life lessons I had learned and distilling them down into a manifesto to guide people to live a wholehearted and intentional life.

I wanted a beautiful reminder of how “enough” you are and something to encourage and empower you as you make potentially tough choices in order to live the best life for you.

So below are my words – I hope they inspire you. The visuals were made by the lovely Michelle at One Voice Can, she brought my vision to life in a beautiful, collaborative way. Each order from my store comes with a postcard of the manifesto to keep close at hand (along with other goodies that create a care package for your soul).

You can also save the images for yourself from this page.


Inner Compass Manifesto


Inner Compass full manifesto

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