Guiding word for 2017: Grace

Another year means a new word to guide me on my path. I still love this process and each year I learn so much from using a word. I still have goals, but the use of a word transcends resolutions and specifics, it is overarching and shines a light for me to connect with and follow.

My word for 2017 is “grace”. For me it will be about two things:

grace for myself- seeing mistakes as part of learning, learning to let go of expectations and let myself play and experiment more without knowing or trying to control the outcomes, self love.

grace for others- a key skill I am working on is pausing! Pause before I react or respond, take breaths and process and decide if it is necessary or worth it for me to chime in or get upset. Compassion and empathy and kindness instead of being right, pushing my need for control, or expecting too much from others.


Part of learning to live a life of grace includes learning to manage stress, be mindful, and take care of myself. That means yoga, cardio, breath work, journaling, slowing down.

Alongside my main word I have support words which will help remind me of how to live my word every day. They are pause, play and breathe.  Over the months I hope to catch myself when behaviours rise up and pause and rewind if necessary. It is all part of moving forward.

While some of this carries over into my business and creative goals (the grace for self and playing approach) I have taken on an unofficial word for those areas. “Action” will guide me there. Reminding me to keep moving forward even if my steps are tiny. When I lose momentum and get bogged down in a state of inertia I know how hard it is to get going (I am struggling right now thanks to the holidays and the kids being home plus heat and lazy days).

I expect “action” to keep pushing me towards my goals even when fear rises up. There is a lot of new ground I want to cover in 2017- a new year long art project, new jewelry collections, a book proposal, working on my relationships, figuring out how to create products with my art and designs, and getting fit again.


All along the way though I want to stay kind to myself and enjoy the journey rather than create pressure for myself and increase my anxiety. I know I walk a very fine line between peace and pressure and my aim is to retrain myself towards peace.

Do you have a word for 2017? I created a free Facebook group last year with monthly activities and ongoing support. Due to popular demand a new group has started and there will be some old favourite activities plus new ones as well. We have only just begun. Come over and check it out and see the first activity (all about vision tools!) There are currently 102 lovely souls waiting to meet you – come find us here and introduce yourself and your word.

Happy New Year- wishing you all a year filled with love and light and all you need

deb xx

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