How to deal with external noise and overwhelm

I am not sure if this is an introvert issue or one merely of 21st century living, but I constantly find myself needing to retreat. Perhaps you can relate to one or all of the following:

  • too much going on in life so you cannot relax and simply enjoy the moments
  • too much stuff surrounding you so you cannot even see, use or enjoy them
  • too much input of noise, images, messages so you cannot take them all in and action anything

It is like we are overwhelmed with too much goodness- opportunities, information, entertainment, people, stuff…

While I will never be a minimalist (I tend towards maximalist myself with my preference for layering, texture and visual reminders in my home) I do feel called constantly to pare back and find a clear path forward. It reminds me of reduce, reuse, recycle- basically hit pause on the influx for a while.


yoga class buddha statue


9 ways to handle noise and overwhelm

Return to basics
– focus on priorities and let other stuff go
– create routines and rhythms to be anchors in your day/week/month/year
– simplify to gain clarity (whether it is regarding decision making or your exercise routine)

Create space

– room to breathe (white space in your schedule, shelves or closet)
– room to digest, to take in information before jumping into the next thing
– room in your life to create, connect, wander and wonder

Look within
-connect to your heart, trust your instincts and listen to your inner voice rather than turning to the outside messages
– connect to your breath and find the peace that comes with a slow and steady rhythm of deep breathing, the rise and fall slowing you down.                                                                                                   – give your senses a rest and close your eyes, use ear plugs or white noise if necessary, sit in child’s pose or however is most comfortable for you

Do you ever feel like this? What works for you to reduce the noise and overwhelm?


love and light,

deb xx

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