How to incorporate spiritual practices into your daily life

A while ago I asked my newsletter subscribers for any topic ideas or questions they had for me.  One question asked me how I incorporate spirituality into my daily life and if it makes life easier having a sense of something bigger than myself. I thought I had never addressed this topic, but it turns out I did in 2015 – I figure if I forgot (until after I wrote this post) it was a good idea to revisit it fresh.
How to incorporate spiritual practices in daily life


I have referred at various times (here and on social media) to some of my own beliefs, but generally avoid too much spiritual talk because I imagine it like opening a can of worms. I will say that I believe in something bigger (but am not sure what form it fully takes). I believe in angels and spirit and energy around me. I believe above all else that we are all connected to each other and to our source.


So I do not belong to any organised religion.  I am Jewish and married to an Anglican, raising kids open to both and to the world of religion and spirituality as they feel called to explore.


Each person will find their own path to connect with Spirit/God/the Universe in their own ways. I am happy to share some of the ways this currently works in my day to day and open the discussion up so we can all be inspired by what works for others.
redcliffe beach


My greatest way to connect with spirit and myself is in nature. I feel something unique in the expanse of the earth. My favourite place is the beach and I call it my “spiritual home” – simply for walking and feeling truly connected to more than myself. I tend to talk to Spirit here and stay open to thoughts and messages and signs. I can truly feel my heart and soul open up in this space like no other place.


I wrote in the above linked post “It is my church, my temple, my sacred space to commune with the Universe. It is here I feel most free yet also most closely held.”

I also spend time in the woods, hiking with my dogs, and connect to all that is around me. Awareness, gratitude and awe for the physical world helps me connect with, and consider that, greater source. It all feels like a miracle as I hear birds, see kangaroos or wild turkeys, look up at enormous trees and the sky above.

You can find the place where you feel connected to Spirit- whether that is a place of worship, a spot in nature, or a place with special meaning to you. It can be formal and organised or casual and free; with others in community or by yourself where and when feels right for you.

feather collection / altar














At home I have small altars, and installations with natural treasures, that serve to inspire me and connect me to what I described above. When I look at my shells or feathers that I have found I feel connected to my spirit and the Universe.  There is a reason why so many religions incorporate rituals and candles and scents into their ways of connecting with God.

You can simply set up a single (or various) spot in your home and place a handful of objects that have meaning for you. Some ideas include natural items, photos, gems/stones, candles/ scent, small objects that represent your hopes, dreams, or concepts with meaning in your life.Pause and connect with this space as often as you choose.

I speak to Angels and ask for guidance and signs and reassurance. This is the same as others might pray. It helps with letting go and trusting in that something bigger than us. It helps me to connect with myself as well as I listen to my intuition and gut and answers from within. I also pull oracle cards after asking specific questions (sometimes as simple as “what do I need to guide me this week/day/year”).

You can speak to a greater spirit, pray, journal and channel messages (from beyond or from within), you can meditate and go quiet in order to receive clarity and insights or just to let it all go.  Have a reading (oracle, tarot or psychic/clairvoyant). Visit with an energy worker (kinesiologist, reiki practitioner or other healer).

I do vision work, get clear on my values and work often on my own development. I connect to a gratitude practice and journal work and creating.  I try to tune into my senses and have greater awareness. I believe part of spirituality is our own awakening. We need to live with intention, stay open and be connected to what is around us and within us.


You can try any number of ways to raise your awareness- get to know your self better; understand your world; connect, serve and offer compassion to those around you. Understand that we all come from the same place and that we all deserve love and light. It is within us waiting to be shared and expressed. 

This is all new to me. It was only after my creative re-awakening at 40 that I felt a spiritual awakening as well. I do feel less alone since I connected to the Universe and spirit, more grounded and lifted at the same time.

I would love to hear how spirituality is part of your life in your own ways.

Love and light,
deb xx

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