Just show up

Self care has always been important to me and I talk about it here often. As with everything though too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. For months now I have been retreating, cocooning is what I thought I needed.

In the beginning it was all about taking care of myself. I was not doing well (physically, emotionally and mentally) so I took time, let go of expectations and went down a path of soul and health restoration.

At some point though it crossed a line from self care to hiding and holding myself back. Safe feels like a valid choice, but sometimes we need to be pushed out of the cocoon. A butterfly “helped” out of a cocoon too early is left with unformed wings. I imagine one that stays in the cocoon too long would suffer a similarly detrimental fate.

So I give myself a pep talk and continue to push my way out of the cocoon. Just show up. Let go of expectations. Everything does not have to be figured out or done, but nothing ever will be from inside the safety net.
So today I am simply showing up, dipping my toe in and getting a routine started.

Part of my “focus” plan for 2016 included getting a routine going, but so far I have abandoned it. When you are avoiding the necessary things because they are difficult or disliked, routine takes the question of want out of it. It means you show up no matter how you feel even if no one will know if you do or don’t get it done.

More than halfway through the year and I feel called to add another dimension to having a “word of the year” – I keep seeing a support word – “choose”!

Choose every day.

what is for the greater good.

what is really necessary and important.

how to feel and be.

where to go.

Yet again I am reminded that it is never too late. Not too late to get on track, not too late to change, not too late to choose!

Do you struggle with choosing what is right and necessary over what feels good? Do you ever take good things too far so they become bad for you?

love and light

deb xx






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