Lessons in grace- how to pivot

For the last month or so I have been designing and prototyping my next collection of jewelry. The collection was based on the joy of colour and was copper, sterling silver and a range of colours of enamel.

I had been dreaming of a colour collection for a long time and was excited to bring my designs to life.

The only catch was the learning curve with the enamel, a medium I had only dabbled in so far.

I kept banging my head in frustration against my plans. Once you set your sights on something, and invest time and money, it can make you feel pressure to see it through. I had planned to launch this week and was okay with delaying, but scratching the whole collection was hard for me to do.

In the end though I realised I had to trust my gut rather than my mind.  It just did not feel right inside my body and when I started to pivot towards the sea glass collection I had planned for later this year I felt my whole body shift.

Lessons in grace - how to pivot

I felt lighter. Excited again. Open to possibility.

I knew my skills were a good match for what I wanted to create (I recently took a 4 day workshop specifically to work on using mixed materials), but it would also challenge me technically and creatively.

Today alone I designed the settings for more than 20 pieces.

My word this year is “grace” and I had not even realised that this was part of that journey. Allowing myself to pivot and change course is an act of self compassion and filled with grace. It allows me the space to change my mind, move things according to how I feel (and trusting that knowing something in your gut is enough of a reason).

Lessons in grace - how to pivot

It also allows me to work from a place of love and play rather than pressure and expectations. The end product will reflect that.

I still find it so hard to know when to push myself through something I am resisting or to let myself off the hook.

How about you? Do you find it easy to hit that pause but and possibly pivot in a new direction?

Love and light,

Deb xx

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