Letting go of my 2017 word of the year

This is my sixth year of selecting a word (or words in the case of the year when I chose three) for the year. My first year (2012) was all about fearless and my journey to learning that it did not mean living without fear but living with courage and doing things in spite of the fear.

Each year my words have taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of, who I want to be and how I want to live. This is why I return to this practice year after year and even wear my rings with my words so I can be reminded daily of my intentions.

This year my word has been “grace” – I wanted to find my way through my self sabotage and stress and enter the land of free play, being in the moment and taking action in spite of the fears (ah still learning the same things after six years!).

I have not been loving my word. I have stopped wearing my ring. I have felt disconnected from this tool completely – not feeling like I was working towards my intentions any longer.

Grace has been good for staying connected to self compassion (most of the time) and not putting too much pressure on myself (some of the time), but there has not been enough of one of the key supporting words I chose – “action”.

Vision board close up- inner compass designs 2017- Grace

The grace was supposed to help me feel free to move forward, but instead I took advantage of her and used her to hide away, to let myself off the hook in the name of self-compassion.

It is such a fine line between compassion and hiding, learning when to push and when to lay off yourself. The lack of action has led me down a path of mild, but persistent depression and stress (over where I am – not- going).

So I have decided for the first time to ditch my word. That is the beauty of this impermanent life – we control more than we think we do and nothing is set in stone.When something is not working for you there are a few options – edit it / change it to work better, let it go completely and replace it if you like.

I am taking “action” out of understudy status and giving her the stage. It works even better with timing as when I updated my therapist on where I have been the last month she suggested we tackle it using acceptance and commitment therapy – known as ACT – perfect!

It sums up perfectly where I have been stalled – I need to reconnect to what is important to me (ACT is values based) and work through blocks (learn techniques with her) so that even when I try to self-sabotage or life throws curve balls I remain committed to my values and intentions above all else.

I had already been toying with the idea of simplifying down to basics and came up with a daily action sheet for myself (feel free to check it out / use it if you like). I chose six areas that I want to keep moving forward with even when I feel like crap and want junk food and netflix when I know I need a walk and fresh air.

Each day instead of a to- do list full of things I am avoiding, my list will have ONE action to take in each area (often pulled from a master list of all the things I have put off so far this year – or longer).

Rather than being overwhelmed by my house and “all the things” I know I have one task per day. Instead of putting off my health and wellness for days on end I know I have to see through ONE action at least.

This keeps me in the present moment focused on just the action for the day rather than the losing of 20 pounds or having all the rooms in my house finally tidy at once (oh to dream).

I feel really good about this journey for the next six months. I have not been updating on “grace” and i think that is a clear signal that I was not loving it. I hope to get back to monthly updates and the first key idea will be to report back at the end of July with how this task sheet is working. (Again nothing in stone, so if it is not a help it will go).

How is your word of the year going if you have one?

How do you get yourself to commit to action even when it is hard or overwhelming or you are not in a good place?

Love and light

deb xx

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