My spiritual home

This week in Brisbane is rain filled with possible torrential downpours later in the week.
I took one look at the forecast and changed my routine on Tuesday, jumping in the car after the kids went to school, and headed up the coast to the beach.

After an up and down couple of weeks I had been craving alone time walking on the sand and grabbed this chance.

Spiritual home inner compass designs














45 minutes later I arrived, parked the car and left everything behind including my shoes.

The tide was in and the weather meant crashing waves and swirling wind. Even the birds were afraid to fly and were gathering among the seaweed in crowds of dozens.

Spiritual home inner compass designs














Spiritual home inner compass designs












Spiritual home inner compass designs








I walked further than usual and almost two hours later returned to get my shoes.

The rain started less than five minutes later.

I felt grateful that it held off for me and glad that I had not hesitated when my soul was crying for beach time.

My whole life in various countries, I have almost always managed to live within a short drive of the beach. Even when I lived in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York for my childhood. Every summer was spent at the beach 20 minutes and 1 bridge toll away.

The beach is my spiritual home.

It is where I feel most at peace.
I am connected to spirit and talk to the Angels.
It is my church, my temple, my sacred space to commune with the Universe.
It is here I feel most free yet also most closely held.

The sound of waves is my favourite sound in the world.
Nothing else can lull me to sleep or slow my breathing down like the sea, as if with each crash of the waves my stress and pain is washed away, leaving behind only beauty of shells, sea glass and hidden treasures left for me to discover.

So on this ordinary Tuesday I walked and walked, silent in meditation and discovery.
Stopping to pick up my treasures.
Laughing in delight.
Occasionally talking to the birds or myself.

And I returned home lighter and more at peace than before.

Do you have a spiritual home or a place of worship that brings you peace?
It can be a formal spiritual home like a church or temple, or it can be out in the natural world that fills you with awe, assuring you that not everything has been made by man.

Whether you worship alone or with others, indoors or out, I urge you to find a place that brings you this kind of peace and light.


Love and light,

Deb xx

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