One Girl – educate a girl and you change the world

From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to partner Inner Compass Designs with a charity organisation. That was the easy part. The hard part was finding a non-profit that was aligned with ICD and my values and what I was working towards for the future.

After almost a year of considering options I was listening to a podcast episode of She Makes Magic where Koren was interviewing Chantelle Baxter, CEO and co-founder of One Girl.

I knew right away that this was the perfect partner for me to work with.

One Girl has a bold and passionate mission to bring education to 1 million girls in Africa by 2020. They have various initiatives that work together to bring different types of “education” beyond just traditional schools. Impact is being made daily.

Why did I choose to become an Ambassador for One Girl along with donating 10% of profits from all ICD retail sales once I launch?

  • girls and women are not “helped”, they are empowered, inspired, educated and lifted up so they can help themselves. – I truly believe empowering and educating girls is the path to a better future for our world as a whole.
  • they have a manifesto (I love a good manifesto myself) and it includes points such as

Change through shame is not possible. Change happens through creativity, inspiration, joy and possibility.”

We know we’re not perfect. We make mistakes every day. We believe it’s the fastest way to grow. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not playing big enough.”

I plan to work in support of One Girl for the long haul. I did not want to simply make a monthly or yearly donation, but chose instead to get involved with fundraising and awareness campaigns.

The first one starts soon. The biggest fundraising campaign on the One Girl calendar is “Do It In A Dress” in October, where participants raise awareness by doing activities in a school dress to get conversations started and work to raise funds.

As an ambassador, my DIIAD goal is $3000 by October 31.

My dress arrived on Friday and I decided to be bold and wore it to dinner with 15 other business women who were attending ProBlogger on the Gold Coast. I ended up also mingling in the PB drinks (such a party crasher) and actually ran into previous and current supporters of One Girl which was amazing!

Do it in a dress - One Girl

On the left is Darren Rowse (Mr Problogger himself) wore his dress 3 years ago at PB.

In the middle is Caz Makepeace from Y travel, who was sharing funny stories about her husband Craig’s experience in his One Girl dress.

And on the right is my new friend Amanda from Sweets and Greens who saw my dress and introduced herself as she currently has a monthly commitment to support One Girl for 3 years. Amazing!

I have decided at the very last minute to run the Bridge to Brisbane 10km in my dress to raise awareness and funds and hope you will join me in some way.

Do it in a dress - One Girl


With only two weeks until race day I will be training hard and thinking of the girls in Sierra Leone.

While $300 gives a girl an education for a year there are many ways to make an impact.

$20 makes a huge difference as it buys a year’s supply of sanitary pads – girls often miss school each month due to their period and related illnesses that occur from poor hygiene and lack of access to pads.

$50 buys FIVE pairs of school shoes

$100 pays for business training for one girl – this is the donation I made because I like to think of a girl or young woman starting her own business like I am. Connected across the miles!

If you want to get involved you can donate to my fundraising campaign here or sign up to do it in a dress and do your own fundraising, or join me on my team -i would love to change my status from an individual to a team. If you are in Brisbane and want to jog with me I would love the company and B2B is still open for registration.

Together we can move mountains!

Do it in a dress - One Girl


Love and light,

deb xx



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