One word update July

Changing my word last month was the best decision I made so far this year. With “action” guiding me I feel like a switch has been turned on.

In this last month I have: been to the gym 2-4 times each week on top of my usual dog walking/hikes, baked weekly so I have healthy treats on hand, hit the ground harder looking for a day job (and researching a possible return to school to retrain), took part in the daily floral art challenge from Creativebug, and lost weight for the first time in years.

orange flowers













So much of what holds me back is my own overthinking and pressure. I have taken care of both of those by cutting right back on what I am doing right now.

I am not a person who can “do it all” and I am realising more and more that in order to live the life I want I need to focus on what is most important to me and let a lot go. I have unsubscribed from a ton of newsletters and Facebook pages and cut right back on social media. I have been watching lots of comedy shows and laughing more in general with my girls and in my life, playing games, making jokes.

I don’t know what will happen in the next few months, but I do know that I will head into 2018 in a very different place than I went into 2017 and that excites me more than it scares me now.

The note I wrote for myself when I switched to “action” is turning out to be the best guide I could have. “commit to actions that move you towards the life you want to live”. Every day and week I think about taking more small action steps that will move me forward.

What are you taking action on right now? How is your year going?

Love and light

Deb xx

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