One word update October

We have entered the last quarter of the year and the shops already have Christmas food available. Instead of feeling panicked about how little time is left I feel optimistic about all that will / can happen in these last three months of 2017.


Since my last update in July my “action” word has led me forward in a few areas:

Just last week I finally got a call that someone actually wanted to hire me. It is a casual part time job for the rest of the year, but I am hoping to turn it into a permanent part time job when they hire for the 1-2 positions opening up in January/February. I have been looking since March (and ramped up my looking from July) and was getting depressed from lack of opportunity. I start this Thursday and am thrilled to be out in the world again.

I picked up my abandoned crochet project that I began two years ago. Once I re-watched some tutorials I was able to get back on the granny square train and soon enough I was joining them all together. I have now joined all the squares and am left with adding rounds of charcoal yarn until I get it to the size I want.

















Thanks to work with my therapist on emotional eating my diet has vastly improved. Still trying to get consistent with my exercise – some weeks I commit and other weeks I answer the siren call of the sloth.

Still to come in the next month or so:

Get back to creating – I want to finish the remaining wall hangings, get back into my silversmith studio and dig into paint / art journal again. While my in laws were visiting for three weeks we set up a bed in my art room. I mostly drew in my bedroom or focused on the crochet.

It has been raining for days, but once it dries out I am going to start getting a summer routine in place where I force myself to shed my night owl ways and start getting up early to exercise before it heats up. Here in Brisbane it can be hot by 830am.

Do you have a word this year? How is it going?

What is part of your plans for the last quarter of the year?

Love and light

Deb xx

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