Project semicolon and a new ring

Last week I had a request for a custom order for a ring with a semi colon stamped on it. This customer, like me, has been battling with depression on and off for years and wanted this reminder to keep going, not to give up.

Have you heard of Project Semicolon – it is a movement that began in 2013 and people have been getting semi colon tattoos and /or wearing semi colon accessories to break down stigmas associated with mental health and suicide awareness.

The message is that a writer could end something with a period, but instead chooses a semi colon and to continue writing the thought. So your story is not over yet!

Semicolon ring - project semicolon - inner compass designs

I love that this symbol and messages can remind you that your story and life matter.

No matter what has happened you are worth continuing on, continuing to write your story.

I have battled through depression and anxiety both on their own and as a side effect of my auto-immune thyroid illness. At my low points I struggled with suicide ideation (as it is called) and had to claw my way back, usually clinging to the fact that I did not want to burden my daughters with a lifetime of trying to recover from losing me. Over time I learned that it was like riding rough waves and that if I could just hold on* I would usually find my way back to the surface.

I was excited to create something not only for this request, but for myself and for others to wear. In the end I created a ring with the semi colon on a sterling silver rounded disc and a message stamped into the ring band. You can have the message on the inside so it becomes a private “note to self”, or on the outside so you can see it when the ring is on. Or you can go minimal and order a ring without an added message.

Semicolon ring - project semicolon - inner compass designs

The three messages you can choose from are

Not over yet

Work in progress

Still unwritten

all three remind you that everything is a work in progress and your story is not over yet.

I hope you know that you are enough as you are and that you are worthy of love and care. I specifically chose to launch this ring on Valentine’s Day because I want each of us to be our own Valentine and give ourselves whatever we need to feel loved!

So much of the pain we feel as adults stems from this harsh judgement we have for ourselves – that we are not doing enough, not good enough, not worthy. I want you to know that you are indeed enough and that the world needs you – as you are, perfectly imperfect.

Love and light

Deb xx

-come on over to instagram today where I will be hosting a giveaway of one semi colon ring.-(winner to be drawn on my birthday – February 23)

*In my case “holding on” means doctor appointments, blood tests, meds adjustments, being honest with my husband, taking care of myself and more. If you need help please know that you are never alone – reach out to those in your life or call one of the support hotlines where you live. Here in Australia there are many resources – an extensive list is here at the RUOK website

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