Self acceptance and being a renaissance woman

When I found my way back to art 4 years ago I opened a floodgate that has stayed open ever since.

I have always been:
A seeker- always asking questions, following different paths, traveling
A lifelong learner- I used to say how I wish I could just be a University student for my “job”
In need of variety- whether it is food, clothes, decor or attempts at routine I am someone who gets bored if things are the same day after day

I started out writing on this blog in 2011, then in 2014 I followed my new dream and began the journey to creating physical products based on my writing and thoughts. In 2016 I have been overwhelmed by all I want to create in different mediums, resisting the current feeling of being “a jeweller” when I know that jewellery is just one arrow in my quiver.

As I move forward this year I am starting to accept and trust in what I know about myself. I am always hearing about the importance of having a niche, or of becoming an expert in one thing. Go deep instead of wide. If you are a jack of all trades you will be a master of none.

Well as usual I am slowly finding my way past the “shoulds” and “norms” and trusting in my own journey.




That means I honour where I feel called and trust that all the dots will connect and my interests and talents will converge nicely.

I know how I see my business in the future and right now I am taking tiny steps in various directions to learn the skills I need. I feel my inner confidence rising.

I think that really is the key to confidence. Part of us wants to be validated externally, to be told yes you are doing it right, you are awesome, keep going. But if we are to be truly confident it must come via internal work. When we listen to our own voice, trust in the steps we are taking because only we know what is truly right for us.

Most things become clear in time, it is during the murky waters of beginning that we have to find it within ourselves to keep taking steps forward. Scary, but necessary.

While we were traveling and had to fill out immigration forms I opted for “mother” as my occupation as it just seemed easier. It would be nice to have a label that fit perfectly, but right now I trust that writer, designer, silversmith, artist, and more is just right for me.

This month I am taking classes in resin and leatherwork and then starting to learn Photoshop and Illustrator. I am not sure if I will ever stop learning and adding bows to my quiver- I certainly hope not.

Are you a multi-passionate renaissance woman? Did you always know what you wanted to “be” and have a clear path to follow?

Love and light

deb xx



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