Self care and a challenge for November

This post is part of the ongoing series “how to love and accept yourself as you are” – you can find all the posts here and catch up any time.

As I said in an earlier post self care and self love are the pillars that support self acceptance. 

Self care allows us to recharge on many levels- body, mind, spirit/emotional self.

It is important to remember that one size does not fit all- do what feels good and right for you. Everyone has different needs and there are endless ways to meet each of those needs. Try things on until you find ones that fill you up.

Self care is about supporting the whole self.

Self care can be similar to being a parent or best friend to yourself – nurture and love yourself unconditionally. Treat yourself the way you would a close friend or how you nurture your children (or wish you had been nurtured by your own parents). Give yourself what you need, however is right for you. 

Regular action is important rather than intense all at once or “too little too late”. You must make yourself a priority and live with intention. If you live on autopilot and wait until you hit empty you are left doing damage control. 

If you consistently answer the call of what you need, you will be operating from a position of strength and a high energy frequency. Live in a nourished state as often as possible.

Your needs will change right along with the seasons of your life. Rather than letting go of loved rituals and important activities in your life, adapt them or find new ways to meet the same needs.

If yoga makes you feel alive and nourished work it in how and when you can. Sometimes that means attending a class and other days 3 sun salutations will have to do. This is how you adapt and make your needs a priority no matter what else is going on. It is not all or nothing. 

Please let go of guilt if that is an issue for you. Stop putting yourself last on the list. Be intentional and take care of yourself. Every person is worthy of self care- take the time, spend some money if it is necessary, see the value in caring for yourself and the return on investment (trust me the returns are high!)

Self care is in itself an act of self love! So if you need to work on greater self love this can be a part of that journey.

30 days of self care and self love with Inner Compass Designs


If you need a boost or want to explore self care and self love i am going to lead an instagram challenge for the month of November.

Join me everyday or as much as you like. I will post every day elaborating on each of the prompts either asking you questions, offering tips or chatting about the topic.

If you have never joined in on instagram i hope you will give this a try- it is a fabulous way to connect with lovely people and in this case get loads of new ideas and perspectives on self care and self love.

Also those of you on my newsletter mailing list will get a bonus on Monday when I have the amazing Kylie Purtell sharing with us her tips for capturing the everyday through photography.

What is on your non-negotiable self care list? Do you struggle with putting yourself on your priority list? Will you be joining us next week for the challenge?

Love and light,

Deb xx

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