Trust in the abundance of time

Part of living an intentional life for me involves being conscious of time.  I want to make good use of the years I have and not walk through them half asleep.

With that awareness of time comes a struggle though.

When you pay attention to time it is easy to start pressuring yourself to not waste time, to make all the things happen, to do well.

It can get overwhelming and cause panic to kick in.

What if there is not enough time for everything?
What if this is all there is?
What if it is too late?

Part of my spiritual awakening, that followed my intentional living focus, involved learning to trust (my word for this year as well). It is important to trust in the abundance of time.

As soon as we allow that pressure and panic to set in we actually create a world of lack for ourselves.  We are telling ourselves “there is not enough” and that creates a tightening and grabbing approach.

Note to self - you have enough time


Instead try to trust in the abundance of time and let go, loosen the grip and allow it to flow.

You have time to figure things out.
You have enough time to live an amazing life, starting right now.
You have time to become and grow and learn.
You have enough time to allow yourself the slower pace you crave, and trust you will still arrive.
You have time to pause and have the chat, share the bedtime story or sit in the sun doing absolutely nothing.

All of those pauses and slowdowns are a wonderful part of the intentional life you are seeking and creating for yourself. They are not to be bypassed in favour of fervent doing, but to be celebrated and savoured.

Let go of the fear and panic, and invite in a feeling of abundance and trust.

The time is there, just breathe and begin.

Love and light


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