My year of trusting- one little word update 2015

My word of the year is trust.

I love having a guiding word each year as having a focus word helps ground me when I start to feel carried away by stress. It helps teach me and lead me and remind me of all I want to be and what I believe is important.

Key words from my vision board jump out at my while I sit on my bed.







Key phrases pop out and tell me to

roll with it

have fun too

feel free to fail

This year has really seen all of this at work in my personal, creative and business lives.

For the November lettering challenge we are lettering gratitude. One prompt was about our theme or guiding word. I decided to mind map a little of what I am grateful for after 11+ months with trust by my side and in my heart. Each lesson really feeds into the others.

trust 2015 update Inner Compass Designs


The top 5 lessons “trust” has taught me in 2015

1.  No matter what timelines you create for yourself in your mind, stay open to how things evolve, hiccups along the way and your own instinct that might tell you to slow down or make changes.

Self imposed deadlines can always be changed. Remember you have the power to make that call so trust in the timing that is right for you. When you create deadlines it is in a vacuum of best case scenarios. Life is full of alternatives and twists and turns that do not care about your best case scenario.

2. Trust in the journey itself- those seemingly annoying twists and turns and delays and nouances can be your greatest teachers, allow for evolution of your ideas and plans, and lead you exactly where you need to be.

Do not forget to let yourself enjoy the journey. For a long while I had not realised this was a missing piece in my life. Slowing down and letting things unfold much slower meant I had room to breathe and arrive at my destination with a smile on my face and in my heart.

3. Trust yourself- you know more, can do more and be more than you give yourself credit for. We are our own harshest critics and fear can see us tense up into a tight ball.

It can be tempting to look outwards, both for guidance (thinking others know best) and for comparison (which sends us back to our cave of fear), but when you trust yourself you grow stronger in ability and comfort levels.

4. Trust your gut- what do you feel in the pit of your stomach, in the beat of your heart and on the surface of your skin?

When we go into our body instead of our mind we get all the answers we need. Let yourself be guided by feeling that is unfiltered.

5. Finally at some point you need to fully surrender and let go. As a control freak I find this so hard. I want to know all the answers, see how things will turn out (where is my crystal ball) and have some guarantees.

Unfortunately none of that is possible.

And when I accept that it is not even possible I can release myself from the burden of trying. This is where I am at the middle of November in my evolution of trust.  I trust and believe, but really need to truly release myself and my longings from expectations and outcomes.

It does not mean I do not work hard and put my heart into everything, it just means that I accept there is only so far I can carry things and then I must let things unfold and be separate from me. I am not my outcomes.


Have you had a guiding word? What is one lesson you learned in 2015?

Love and light,

deb xx


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