Vision board 2017 – bringing my guiding word to life

Every year one of the first things I do in January is create my vision board and /or vision cards. As a visual person I love having something physical right near me that brings my guiding word to life. My vision canvas hangs just to the left of my bed and I see it every day.

I used to create a new board each year, but three years ago I decided to try working on a vision canvas and loved it so much that I was inspired to keep the same canvas going indefinitely. I shared last year how I updated the 2015 canvas for 2016’s word – some items stayed and new items were added. That was the progression from Trust to Focus.

This year the canvas has progressed to “grace” and when I looked at what was already there I saw many things that I still needed to reflect on. In the end about a dozen images and phrases stayed while the rest was covered up.

I am truly in love with my new canvas.

Vision board - inner compass designs- 2017 Grace


All the new elements were chosen intuitively without looking at their relation to each other. After the board was completed (I work very fast trying not to overthink things) I noticed that even the paints I chose to play with (turquoise/teal, orange and a gold yellow) appeared all over the pieces clipped from magazines and the butterfly stickers I had set aside for this board.

My word “grace” also has support words and ideas, plus I have guidance for certain aspects of my life. Grace is an overarching guide to living and my support words give me some direction and reminders – pause, play, action, breathe, mindfulness, love and more.

Vision board close up- inner compass designs 2017- Grace

Do you have a vision board? Do you want to make one and need help – Vision tools are the January activity in the free Facebook group I run for supporting people using guiding words. It is here for you to download (vision-tools) and if you want to join us come on over and say hi. There are over 100 wonderful people already lifting each other up, brainstorming word choices and sharing their preferred tools and vision boards.

Hoping your 2017 is full of love and light,

Deb xx

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