What can (will) your life look like in five years ?

Every now now and then one of my weekly newsletters sparks a big response and I feel called to repost it on the blog to reach more people.  I received many lovely emails sharing how the ideas and questions asked in this post sparked a different thought process and perspective shift for people so hope it helps you too.


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One month from now it will be five years since we moved into our house.

It occurred to me just how much my life has changed since the day we moved in.

We were parents to little kids ages 5 and 7 and now our oldest daughter is graduating from primary school in less than 2 weeks.

I had yet to reconnect with my art, and had zero idea what I might do for a career as the kids got older. Now I am days away from launching the Inner Compass Designs shop and have a home studio and an art room!

My husband worked locally and while he was rarely home for family dinners on weekdays I knew he would walk in the door every day and be my support person. Now we are three years in to him working in another city much of the time where I am completely on my own at the end of a long day, having to rely on myself and the girls more than I ever thought possible. It means though he kept working through a downturn and just celebrated 20 years with his company.

Add in 2 dogs, health issues, various trips overseas and my musical youngest daughter going from 0 to 5 instruments in 5 years and we have had a lot of change and growth in our family in five years.

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The point of sharing all this is to reassure any of you reading who may be
stressing about not knowing what you want in life
or going through a rough patch
or feeling impatient to get somewhere you are desperate to be

how life looks today is not at all how life will look in 5 years.

We are about to close the books on 2015 and maybe it was an awesome year for you or maybe you are finishing feeling underwhelmed or disappointed.

Keep moving towards what you want. If you do not know what that is, then keep following your curiosity and asking / answering questions.

You never know when those puzzle pieces are going to fit or who is going to be the next right person for you to meet or connect with.

You never know if the next step is the key one.

You never know when things are going to turn around.

You never know how life changes and growth will affect you – stay open and surrender at times. All will be revealed.

And then you will look back and think how did so much change in such a short time.
Right now it may feel slow as walking through mud.
Keep walking forward.
Keep getting back up.
Keep plotting and planning and then changing the plans.

Ask for help if you need it.
Support yourself and give the permission you desperately want.
Allow yourself to spend a little on yourself – time, money, effort…
Reach out and connect.
Seek out people who are where you want to be or can help you figure it out.
Surround yourself with those who will cheer you on instead of laughing at your ideas.

Let go of that which does not serve you.
Take time away from those that bring you down.
Shake up the routine that is numbing you – go left instead of right, say yes instead of no.

Today pause and look back at the last 5 years and see how much has changed in that time for you.
The same will happen again – what do you want those 5 years to bring? what do you want tomorrow?

love and light,

deb xx



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