Year in review – one little word “focus”

My word this year was “focus” and it has been an interesting journey. I can look back and see where I wanted this word to take me- to be clear, narrow in and commit to things that are a priority- but could not predict how it would play out.  That is the mystery of inviting in a word to guide you.
When I choose a word and set about creating my vision for the year it is done with rose coloured glasses, always picturing the ideal outcomes.


The reality of this year is that two areas got most of the focus and that has to be good enough for now.
one little word year in review
What did happen:


I dove in deep with my health and unraveling further the factors that contribute to my chronic autoimmune illnesses, food intolerances, depression and anxiety. Expensive work with a dietician and allergy tests did not yield much, but sometimes you have to invest in areas just to rule stuff out. Seeking PTSD a treatment 25 and 30 years after traumas took almost all of my energy and attention for 3-4 months and paid the greatest dividends- this was the most difficult, but best work of my year.
I committed to art and creativity every day (in a leap year no less) and have managed to not miss a single day. I have created countless mandalas, art journal pages, watercolour flowers, hand lettering and embroidery projects. I found that once I reached a critical mass with my project i had too much invested to skip a day and when I created on a low day it always enriched my day in one way or another. I have never stuck with any daily habit so am still trying to find ways to adapt this to other areas of my life (fitness I am looking at you).
I stuck to my idea of releasing my work in collections. Unfortunately the inward focus did not allow as much work time so the first new collection was just released recently with the Inner Compass limited edition range. I am excited though for next year and bringing many new ideas to reality. 
Art journal page - art it out - Inner compass designs
What did not happen:


My mindfulness focus did not develop in a conscious way. Yoga became a distant memory half way through the year, the practices I wanted to develop to help me slow down, have rituals and build routines did not really take off. Part of the issue was my focus on my health in other ways- I do recognise my limitations and this is all being folded into 2017 plans.
In my “personal” area my relationships focus was okay, but deserves better attention. This also is being folded into my 2017 word in a different way that I hope will lead to a stronger marriage and more quality time with my girls. I would give this area a 5 out of 10 if I did ratings. My health and self care were better than my outward focus – and that probably sums up how my focus year went.
My plan included focus on myself, my home, my relationships, my creativity and my business. Most of what actually happened relates to my self, going inward and doing things for and by myself.
The fact is while I wish I had picked a different word I know that is not really the answer. We pick the word, set the intention and then let life unfold. We react and move with it, learning what we need, having the year that we have- it is not something we can control or stage direct. I focus on intentions and plans, but leave tons of room for the mystery of life and the unpredictable nature of real life.


I don’t think we chart a course and then “manifest” the vision we had. I think we connect to a vision or feel for how we want our next steps to go and then set something in motion that can bring even more to the forefront if we let it.


Did you have a word for the year? How did your year play out? Are you choosing a word for 2017 or is it choosing you?


Love and light,

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