Year of Grace – February check in

February is coming to an end and I thought I would touch base about my word for this year. I know that by the end of the year I will have made so much progress and I will feel happy with my word journey. In the meantime it is like living through the ugly stage or the teenage years – you just have to go through it as there is no way around it.

Every year I love the fresh start (even if January 1st is just a random date in the scheme of life and not really a fresh anything except a new day) and start off with optimism.

I imagine the end result I want for the year and only wish it could be as easy as conjuring up the images and then manifesting the life I want.

The reality is there will be mess, hard work, steps forward and back and times where my “intentional living” takes a backseat to autopilot and survival mode.

Inner Compass designs - Grace - one little word 2017

So two months into the year I feel I have made tiny strides with grace – mostly in how I treat myself (allowing for pauses, compassion, slowing down from the pace that would be needed to meet my goals). I still struggle with my overreactions, road rage (damn you Brisbane drivers!) and pausing before I respond to my family members.

I want to be better for them – mostly my family, not the terrible drivers annoying me to death.

I want to be calm and listen and pause and consider.

I want to live the way I preach and hope for – take the theory and values and actually walk it every (or most) day.

I think the reminder I need most often right now is to love myself and to act out of love – i focus on the word grace, but love is the undertone and pillar that holds it up. If I come back to love I think I will find grace more easily.

Inner Compass designs - Grace - one little word 2017
















And still I keep trying and I keep showing up and I keep acknowledging my crazy journey. And that is all I can really ask of myself without crossing any lines into expectations, judgement and shame.

Did you pick a word for the year? How is it going?

Love and light

Deb xx

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