When I was a kid I loved spending time at the beach.  New York City may be a concrete jungle, but thankfully we have a lot of beaches to get away to and I grew up spending every summer at the beach.

My mother had a glass vase in our living room that she slowly filled with the tiniest of sea shells, those little spiral beauties accumulated over the years.

This is something we have in common.

Over fifteen years in Australia I have been collecting shells, but in the last few years I have added other collections that I cherish.

I feel a strong connection to birds and butterflies (notice the centre of my logo) and collect both feathers and birds (objects, prints, embroidery).

Most of the feathers I have found myself and a few were given to me. I believe in feathers as signs from Angels / the universe and love reading up on the meaning of some feathers.

feather collection














I love my growing collection of birds. They are getting more colourful and bold. The peacock print was a gift from my daughters this past Christmas.

bird collection








bird prints













My other collections are sea glass and heart shaped rocks and coral and stones.

I collect heaps of sea glass North of Brisbane in Redcliffe. It is a meditation for me silently walking the beach on the hunt for little glints of glass. After 14 years of wandering Australian beaches collecting shells and never seeing sea glass I finally found a special place that always delivers.

sea glass collection













sea glass collection










Keeping my eyes open for heart shaped objects makes me happy and my girls love to join in with this hunt (as well as sea glass when they are with me). Everything from coral to leaves is fair game and we have found many over the years. I keep a selection out at all times and never fail to smile when I see them.

heart collection














Collections can be a wonderful part of living an intentional life. Connecting with a theme or with other people, becoming tied to memories, bring you happiness and forming part of your self care.

Do you have any collections? I would love to hear about them – ones from now or from your past.


Love and light,

Deb xx


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