How do YOU define things for yourself?

Words have been on my mind a lot as I watch everyone sharing their “word of the year” online and in the free  Facebook group I started (come join us- it is already shaping up to be fabulous)!

I find the examination of what words mean, how nuanced a choice between two similar words can be, fascinating. Choosing brave versus courage versus strong and so on.

As you set intentions towards living a life that is right for you that includes coming up with your own definitions. What does something mean to you? How does it look in YOUR life regardless of traditional dictionary definitions or those of other people?
















Spiritual could refer to God, universe, connections, rituals of all of the above.
Family can mean partners, kids, friends, those people online who support you or whomever you choose define in such  way that has nothing to do with blood or legal documents.

What words and ideas come up for you that you may need to redefine on your own terms?

Where are you perhaps holding yourself up and measuring against someone else’s standards?

Who decides what constitutes brave actions? good parenting? art? simplicity?

Really you do if you choose to claim that power.

Here is to a wonderful 2016 where you define life on your own terms.

love and light,


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