In this moment – making me happy

In a week that has been up and down I am grateful for all I have learned about self compassion and self care over the years.

While the temptation to berate myself for my failings this week is strong, I often took deep breaths and sank into a place of self forgiveness and chose instead the path of self care.

I chose to look for beauty around me, take a nap with my dogs (and capture Jessie with her tongue out which makes me smile every time) and paint / letter each day.

Each day is a new chance to start fresh and erase yesterday’s dramas.

I have learned that I will get where I need to go in good time, but I can choose whether to arrive destroyed or with a smile on my face. I choose to smile now.

dietes flower



flowers pink

butterfly art

Europe 2016

Jessie with togue out

What are you grateful for?

What is special and making you smile in this moment in your world?

Love and light

Deb xx

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