Inspiration and spiritual connections

A while ago I asked for questions and topics from readers of my weekly newsletter. One lovely lady asked me to talk about how I connect with my spirituality in my day to day life.

I admit I have avoided this for ages because it feels like opening up a big complicated can of worms.

I am not a religious person (and do not attend any organised religious services), but, as this person saw in what I write about and share, I do believe in something bigger than myself.

My journey has been one of growing awareness and connection to spirit / The Universe / angels and the firm belief that we are all connected on this planet.

What we do and say matters.

What we need is out there waiting to come to us.

What is important to me comes from a place within and when I hear the whispers I have learned to listen closely.

I believe in listening to your gut and following your intuition. Messages and signs show up all the time, and how open, aware and accepting you are translates into what you see, hear and notice in the world.

I believe in a commonality of people that means no one should be above the rest. Everyone deserves the same rights and privileges regardless of where they were born, under whatever circumstances and in whatever form.

I believe that I am in two way communication with something around me.

So how do I stay connected to my spiritual life among all the noise and busy of my days?

I spend time outside – in my garden, walking my dogs, on the beaches I love. It is here that I talk to the Unknown (and trust someone is there), find feathers and sea glass and symbols and signs along the way.

I stay open to messages, coincidences / synchronicity, repeating numbers, the unfolding of things in my life.

I tune into my body and how I feel in a moment and connect to my gut and heart. When something is right or I feel I am not alone it is because I feel a peace, a shiver, a shift in my body.

I ask questions and pull oracle or inspiration cards. I have been highly sensitive and  intuitive all my life (vivid dreams, deja vu, premonitions during conversations) and am amazed how drawn I feel towards certain cards. They always deliver a message I need to hear.

Just today I was stressed about heading into another full day in the studio as I gear up for my “soft launch” of my jewelry this weekend.

I decided to pull some cards for myself asking “what do I need today to help me do what needs to be done and to be okay?”

I pulled the “dance” card from my current favourite inspirational deck and laughed. Like “yeah that is not what I was looking for”. Occasionally I am tempted to pick a “better” card, but I resist.

dance inspiration card

I turned it over and read Kris Carr’s words and thought YES! Thank you. The literal meaning of the card was lovely, but I also took it as a reminder to play, have fun, let go a bit while I work. Experimenting and letting myself play is the hardest part for me as I want to do things “right” all the time.

I decided to also pull my angel cards with the same thought and went really fast on instinct picking cards one by one. (I usually pick 3) Then a wave of something came over me- relief? connection?

angel cards
Here are the cards and messages I received:

Birth- “birth marks the shift from one dimension to another. New life, new ideas, new forms come into being.”

Courage- “face what is in front of you squarely and fearlessly. Discover the truth held in your heart and act on it.”

Freedom- “you are free to change your experience by changing the criteria upon which you base your decisions. Let go of old trappings and express your uniqueness.”

Perfect messages at the perfect time.

Angel cards were my first introduction to tapping into messages. Someone in an online group pulled cards for me and I was hooked and had to order my own set.

Maybe you would like to explore the world of cards too? There are so many wonderful decks out there. I own four and have my eye on at least another few for the future including these by Inner Hue that I might buy as a treat after my full launch.

I would love to hear from you – do you feel connected to a spirit bigger than yourself? How do you connect to your spirit / spiritual side?

love and light

deb xx

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